Covid-19 Updates


Regulations require us take customers by appointments only. Phone numbers are at the top of the page.

Safety Precautions

A spa is a very personal and intimate business. As such, we have always taken care to be as clean and hygienic as possible. We have always:

  • Cleaned & disinfected each piece of equipment after every use

  • Washed our hands between customers

  • Employed single-use materials as much as possible (single-use tub liners, nail buffs, etc.) to prevent any chance of cross-contamination

What else WE are doing to protect everyone

  • Partitions: Plexiglass partitions between customer & nail technician

  • Hand-sanitizer: Automatic hand-sanitizer dispensers throughout the store

  • Safe distances: 6-ft between work stations

  • Single-use hand towels: For manicures

  • Single-use steam towels: For pedicures

  • Body-temperature cameras: To check for elevated body temperatures & fever

What YOU can do to help protect us

  • Face masks: Please wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth

  • Hand-sanitizer: Please use hand-sanitizer at one of our automatic dispensers or wash your hands when you enter

  • Stay home if sick: Please do not enter if you are sick or experiencing Covid-19 symptoms​

  • Safe distances: Please maintain social distancing wherever possible

  • Conversation: Please keep conversation to a minimum

  • No waiting room: Please wait outside or in your vehicle until your appointment time

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Smile for the camera! Mostly seen in airports, thermal imaging cameras scan your body and help screen for elevated body/skin temperature, which is usually a sign of infection or illness. 

Once the software notifies us of elevated temperature, we will take your temperature with a handheld, non-contact IR thermometer. If your temperature is still elevated, we may ask that you return at a later time when your body temperature has fallen to normal levels.


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